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3p How can luxury fashion brands build and maintain strong relationships with their customers, and what are the most effective strategies for driving loyalty and engagement in the digital age?

  • Moderator: Zofia Zwieglinska– Glossy

  • Holly Wood — Holly Wood Labs

  • Alex van Gestel  — EPAM Systems Inc

  • Stefan Kovach – Rarer Things

  • Aleksija Vujicic -- Investor

4p Games x Fashion: Unpacking the audience and the value proposition

  • Moderator: Noelle Reno- Smart Tech Media

  • Tracy Greenan — Aura

  • James Gaubert — Republiqe

  • Sallyann Houghton — Epic Games

5p What’s next in fashion, from innovation to expectation: insights from the visionaries

  • Moderator: Nikita Cikaluk -Rug Radio

  • Demi Karanikolaou -- Maison Demi Karan

  • Matthew Drinkwater — FIA London College of Fashion

  • Leslie Holden—The Digital Fashion Group

  • Ward de Kruiff – EPAM Systems Inc

6p Web 3 and new technologies on the horizons: is fashion facing a grass-roots revolution?

  • Moderator: Dr Federica Carlotto - Sotheby's Institute of Art

  • Lili Eva Bartha — GN3RA

  • Louise Laing – Phygital Twin

  • Charles Wilders – OuttaWRLD