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DeSci Singapore 🧬

Hosted by Gavin Singh & 3 others
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Join us for the first edition of DeSci Singapore and gain insights in how blockchain technology is reshaping science. Snacks, refreshments and drinks will be provided!

We also merged this meeting with "The Network State" Meetup.

Doors will open at 6pm SGT, and presentations will start at 7pm, followed by group discussions until 9.30pm.

Topics & Speakers:

Introduction to Decentralized Science - Max Unfried (VitaDAO)

Funding the Science of Female Reproductive Health - Lu Dong (AthenaDAO)

Decentralizing Longevity Research - Kamil Pabis (VitaDAO)

On DeSci and Network States - Balaji Srinivasan

Meta-jurisdictions for scientific experimentation - Tom Howard (network0)

Remember, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food & drinks will be provided!