Cover Image for HANAMI side event at ETHGlobal Tokyo with Cosmos Ecosystem

HANAMI side event at ETHGlobal Tokyo with Cosmos Ecosystem

Hosted by Yu Kimura
Past Event
Welcome! To join the event, please register below.
About Event

HANAMI side event ETH Tokyo by UnUniFi, Magpy, dYdX Foundation

HANAMI is a traditional practice of enjoying and appreciating the beauty of flowers, specifically cherry blossoms (also known as sakura) in Japan.

Participation Fee

  • Free for money

  • Two obligations

    • Posting photos with SWAGs and Hash Tags in one of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

    • If you have Twitter account, retweet one of tweets below from sponsors

      • UnUniFi: [URL will be revealed later]

      • Magpy: [URL will be revealed later]

      • dYdX Foundation: [URL will be revealed later]


assumed 60pax

If you have more than 10k followers in Twitter, you can join even if you didn't get registration approval.

Even if you didn't get registration approval, you can join outside of our picnic sheet for networking.


  • UnUniFi (app specific L1 in Cosmos)

  • Magpy (on SeiNetwork)

  • dYdX Foundation (will be app specific L1 in Cosmos)

Main Organizer

  • UnUniFi


  • Magpy

  • Slash

  • dYdX Foundation

  • Cosmos Japan (voluntary group)

Time table

  • 13:00~ Introduction about Magpy's video
    13:20~13:50 Cosmos Japan (voluntary group): Easy Cosmos ecosystem foresights

  • 14:00~14:30 dYdX Foundation: The road to be sovereign chain

  • 14:40~15:10 UnUniFi: The future of Interoperable NFTFi and DeFi

  • 15:30~16:00 Slash: The foresights of business and the future's possibility of adapting interoperability