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Working Wise: Helping experienced workers find fulfilling jobs

Hosted by Brave Starts
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About Event

Meet Mandy Gale, the Managing Editor of Working Wise, a job and community site specially focused on older workers looking for improved work-life balance, and the employers who recognise what they have to offer.

Working Wise helps older workers find and retain fulfilling occupations, connecting them with businesses seeking talented and experienced individuals.

The site offers a wide variety of news, views, guides and stories about subjects including retraining for a new career later in life, finding flexible work, general career advice, pensions and employment rights.

In this event, Mandy will be sharing:

  • Why she set up Working Wise (why it’s important as a society that we focus on older workers and the commercial opportunities as a recruiter)

  • How the world is changing in response to older workers

  • Some of the interesting things she is seeing organisations do

  • Her predictions for how recruiters are changing in response to an ageing workforce

  • What she sees changing in the part-time and flexible opportunities space

  • Which employers are currently wanting to target older workers/who should Brave Start members have on their radar?

About Mandy Garner

Mandy Garner is the Managing Editor of and covers news, features and best practice relating to older workers, while includes news and features on issues relating to working parents and women's career progression. Mandy has worked as a journalist since 1990, including for Community Care magazine, the BBC and the Times Higher where she was features editor.