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[EthCC 2023] Kiln Rendez-Vous - Builders Open Stage

Hosted by Kiln
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🗓️ Wednesday, July 19th, from 9 AM to 11:30 AM

📍Kiln, 14 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

After enjoying a French breakfast with builders from the space, five teams will take over the stage to present the latest updates about their projects.

Meet dYdX, Apybara, Blanq Wallet, Ondo Finance, Zerion and Ipor Labs!


  • 9 AM: Community breakfast

  • 9:45 AM: "Enabling AppChain decentralization at genesis", with Charles d'Haussy, dYdX Foundation CEO

  • 10 AM: "Tokenizing treasuries and money market funds", Justin Schmidt, Ondo Finance COO

  • 10:15 AM: "Redefining self-custody of blockchain assets", Hakim Raja, Blanq Founder

10:30 AM - 11 AM: Networking break

  • 11 AM: "Are you getting the most out of staking?" JK, Apybara Founder

  • 11:15 AM: "Acquiring users in Web3", Alexander Guy, Zerion Head of Marketing & Growth

  • 11:30 AM: "Bringing interest rates derivatives and composable structured products to Ethereum", Darren C. IPOR Labs, CEO and Co-founder

  • 11:45 AM: "zkBridge for Ethereum full-node interoperability", Tiancheng Xie, Polyhedra Network CTO

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Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Our platform is API-first and enables fully automated validators, rewards, and data and commission management. With over $1.5b stake under management, Kiln has a particularly strong track record on Ethereum as we run about 3% of the network; this includes 16,000+ validators with 0 slashing events.

dYdX is a decentralized perpetual trading platform.

Ondo Finance is building the next generation of financial assets and autonomous infrastructure

Blanq is the first distributed-key hardware wallet.

Apybara brings transparency and accessibility to the staking ecosystem. We are building ProtocolStaking where you can get the latest staking information.

Zerion is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that secures open-source technologies and lets you stay in control of your private keys and seedphrase.

The IPOR protocol is a decentralized marketplace that serves as the credit hub of DeFi. It brings markets together to connect liquidity and offer the best interest rates in DeFi. The protocol is a set of smart contacts that provide a benchmark interest rate, Interest Rate Derivatives and composable structured products that allow users to tap into yield generating opportunities across DeFi and TradFi.