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Mobile Legend National Competition "Merdeka"

Hosted by Raphael
Past Event
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About Event

To commemorate Indonesia's 78th independence day and as a part of Coinfest Asia,

Coinweb, Sekuya and CreoEngine with the support of PBESI (Esports Federation of Indonesia) held a Mobile Legend (MLBB) E-sport competition which will be followed by 128 teams to achieve the total prize pool of 9500$ !!! Traditional gamers, E-sport teams to Web 3.0 enthusiast will join this national-scale competition. The venue itself is managed by T.E.A.M management using DAO technology and purely intended as a premium mobile e-sport venue.

If you are attending Coinfest Asia and want to watch the unique environment of national-scale E-sport competition where ordinary gamers to national esport teams will attend the event, feel free to come visit us on 23 August 2023 start from 3pm to finish. Watch the tournament and enjoy the free flow beverages (Please click register above)

Competition detail:

(For players, team registration link is here

Teams registration will be opened by 1-14 August 2023.

The Qualification stage will be done by online mode by 15-21 August 2023 (KnockOut format).

The Semifinal and Final Matches will be done by hybrid mode by 23 August 2023 (Semifinal-KO, Final-BO3) as part of Coinfest Asia. (3PM - 6PM) Bali Time

"snacks and drinks are provided but due to Esport competition environment which will be opened for age 18 above, there are no alcoholic drinks"