Influencer Marketing with UCLA Professor Lia Haberman



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How to find, evaluate and incorporate influencers into your marketing campaign. 

Social media is about people, not brands. That’s part of what makes influencer marketing so popular. Influencers have built peer relationships, trust and credibility with their followers.

In fact, 63% of people surveyed trust what an influencer says about a brand more than what the brand says about itself in advertising. In this session, we’ll review how to tap into this powerful marketing tool that can drive brand awareness, qualified leads, and even sales. 

Lia Haberman is an adjunct professor of Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing at UCLAx. She’s also a digital media consultant and advocate for female founders and creators and has worked with companies including Yahoo, E!, Riot Games and Beachbody and on apps including Fit Body, DiveThru and Kik. 


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