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Quantum Entanglement and Non-Locality with John Donohue (Hack-Q-Thon Workshop)



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Entanglement is one of the most striking ways in which quantum physics differs from classical physics, but exactly how it does so and how it can be used can be difficult to pinpoint. In this session, we’ll start from the basics of entanglement and learn about how we create entanglement in the lab, use it in different experiments, and verify it using tools like Bell’s inequalities.

Dr. John Donohue is the Senior Manager of Scientific Outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing, a research institute at the University of Waterloo. John develops educational materials and events for educators and students of all ages to learn about quantum mechanics and quantum information. He earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Waterloo in 2016 with a research speciality in quantum photonics, quantum information, and laser technologies.

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