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State of Crypto Philanthropy Digital Summit

Hosted by Endaoment
Past Event
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The State of Crypto Philanthropy Summit is a live digital event bringing together blockchain & nonprofit leaders for a series of data-driven presentations and panel discussions. The summit is designed to equip attendees with valuable insights and knowledge to prepare for the 2023 Giving Season.

The event embodies the spirit of web3 - collaboration and information sharing. Market information should be accessible and transparent. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts in web3, from builders to policy makers, who will share case studies, market reports, and valuable lessons.

We hope the summit will serve as a platform for fears and tough questions to surface for discussion, ensuring that all attendees are well-equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving world of web3 philanthropy.

Stay for the afternoon or just a session.


Welcome from The Giving Block and Endaoment

🕐 1pm ET

Pat Duffy from The Giving Block and Robbie Heeger from Endaoment will discuss the motivation behind organizing the summit, celebrate their partnership and share their Q1/Q2 joint accomplishments.

Crypto Philanthropy by the Numbers Keynote

🕐 **1:15pm ET - Presented by Robbie Heeger of Endaoment and Pat Duffy of The Giving Block

Dive into the data of crypto philanthropy with this informative keynote. Featuring case studies, stats, and reflections from The Giving Block’s Annual report on crypto philanthropy & Endaoment’s latest builds, it provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape. The discussion will also touch on the wins, fears, pressing issues, and future challenges in the realm of crypto philanthropy.

20 min Q&A session to follow

Policy & Legislation Insights Panel

🕑 2:30pm ET - Moderated by Robbie Heeger of Endaoment, with Marisa Coppel of Blockchain Association, Darin Carter of Coinbase, and David All of Change.Gallery.

Demystify current crypto legislation and explore its implications for future development in this enlightening panel discussion. The panelists will cover the top developments in crypto regulation, the role of individuals and organizations in shaping a fair regulatory framework, and the current significance of crypto assets in the context of regulation. Attend this session to gain a clear understanding of how policy and legislation intersect with the world of crypto philanthropy.

20 min Q&A session to follow

The Art of NFT Fundraising

🕒 3:30pm ET - Moderated by Zoe Nawar, The Giving Block with Kelsey Driscoll of Change.Gallery, Erick Calderon of Art Blocks and Alicia Maule of GivePact

Unlock the potential of NFTs in fundraising at "The Art of NFT Fundraising" panel. Our expert line-up, including leaders from Change.Gallery, AB Foundation, and GivePact, will guide you through successful case studies, providing insights into crafting effective campaigns, and predicting the future of the artist donor economy. Discover the innovative approaches in utilizing blockchain technology for philanthropy and the role you can play in this ecosystem. Join us to be part of the change-makers revolutionizing the fundraising landscape through NFTs.

20 min Q&A session to follow

Brainstorm Rooms Begin

🕒 4:30pm ET - Hack your vision live with leading industry builders.

  • International Relief Coordination w/ Mercina Tilleman, Circle Impact

  • Artist Outreach for Orgs w/ Mad Pinney, Art Blocks

  • Local Policy w/ Brennan Mulligan, ATX DAO & Kyle Smith, LexDAO

  • Web3 Strategy for Nonprofits w/ Drew Simon, Crypto Altruism