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Unconference for Social Wellness

Hosted by Toby & Dr. Jaan Lı 李
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New York, New York
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The Unconference for Social Wellness is a free event aiming to foster dialogue and collaboration across behavioral health specialists, integrative clinicians, and innovative community leaders.

Doors open at 9:30am, and the event will start at 10:00 with a brief kickoff talk. Please arrive before 10!

​With this event, we're asking: how can in-person social spaces for communities foster connection and positive health outcomes? What are workable models of collaboration between formal and informal care professionals?

​An unconference is a day of impromptu, short-format talks and opportunities for connection across normal professional boundaries. Unlike a normal conference, no formal talks or presentations will be given; following an introductory talk we'll break out into groups based on themes we find interesting.

Social wellness themes we'll be discussing:

  • ​Embedding psychiatric and therapeutic care work into community settings

  • ​Collaboration between licensed professionals and community leaders / paraprofessionals in informal carework roles (healers, clergy, nonprofit leaders, community organizers)

  • ​Implementing biopsychosocial and culturally-informed care models

  • ​Financial models and incentives for financing public-private partnerships for third spaces, social wellness initiatives, bathhouses, social prescribing schemes

  • ​Reimbursement pathways (value based care, fee-for-service, HSA/FSA, patient-funded) for alternative social care spaces

  • ​Loneliness / social isolation interventions related to the built environment (urban mobility, public parks and space, street life)

  • ​Extending social wellness to underprivileged medicare medicaid populations

​Who's invited?

​We welcome:

Behavioral Health Clinicians & Wellness Professionals: mental health clinicians, licensed therapists, licensed social workers, psychiatrists, coaches, counselors.

Innovative Community Leaders + Entrepreneurs: Community leaders and organizers, facilitators and guides, clergy, spacemakers, and local wellness entrepreneurs.

Integrative Practitioners: mind-body practitioners, retreat leaders, integration guides, and psychospiritual workers.

Event Creators

Care Culture is a professional society for behavioral health professionals and community leaders working towards cultural and social health interventions.

One Fact Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming healthcare access and efficiency using open source technologies.

Healwise is a tech nonprofit that connects help-seekers with affordable therapy, peer-based, and self-guided mental health services.

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New York, New York
41 Going