Cover Image for Batter Up! Singapore
Cover Image for Batter Up! Singapore

Batter Up! Singapore

Hosted by Nicole Simpson & Janel Spilker
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About Event

Let's hang!

​​As a founder, going through the fundraising process can be incredibly frustrating. ​​It takes an amazing amount of time and effort to convince an investor to agree to talk to you.

​​​And then, once you pitch your company, sometimes the investor never gets back to you. ​​Or if they do get back to you, oftentimes their rejection doesn't explain WHY they're not interested.

​​​All this can leave an entrepreneur feeling frustrated, dejected, and unsure of what can be done to improve in the future. ​​We think this stinks.

​​​That's why, on August 1 we're hosting a live pitch event for founders. And it's FREE to attend.

​Here's how it'll work:

  • RSVP to the event and submit your pitch deck.

  • ​​​Up to 8 founders will be picked live and have 2.5 minutes to pitch a panel of 3 investors from Hustle Fund's Angel Squad.

  • The investors will ask follow-up questions and offer feedback to the founders.... just like in a real VC meeting!

  • ​​​By the end of this event, you'll have a deeper understanding of why investors decide to invest in a company (or not). And the winner takes home a prize  

  • ​​​We'll leave some time at the end of the event for your questions... so come curious!

Who should come?

We designed this event for founders and investors. 

If you're a founder looking to get feedback on your pitch, you'll love this. If you're a founder just looking to learn from other founders, we invite you to register without submitting your deck, and come enjoy the show! We promise you'll get some big takeaways.

If you're an investor looking to meet more founders, or just hoping to learn more about how to evaluate companies, you'll also get a lot out of Batter Up!.

​The Schedule

​​5:30pm: Get here, eat pizza, make friends

​​6:00-7:00pm: Founders Up! - Pitches from a few Founders and Squad Panel Q&A

​​7:00-8:30pm: Finish the pizza, make more friends

Who's behind this?

Hustle Fund is an early stage venture firm that believes great founders can look like anyone and come from anywhere. We invest in startups all over the world and we'd love to see what you're building. Learn more about us.

Angel Squad was created by Hustle Fund for you to Learn, Invest and Network! The impact of the Squad is huge - 1500+ Angels, investing over $23M in 65+ companies. At this event in Atlanta, you will have the opportunity to attend an IRL pitch event! Learn more about the Squad

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