Ramses Oudt: The Power of Keeping a Learn Log



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Most of us have little time to learn. But we're always learning, even in small bursts throughout the day. The question is: how can we remember the useful bits? In this session, Ramses Oudt (community manager at Logseq) showcases how he captures what he learns. Using the power of outlines, links and queries, he's able to feed his brain and turn his notes into a personal wiki.

You'll learn in this session:

  • Best practices for writing in an outliner

  • Techniques for internalizing knowledge

  • Retrieving notes using queries

About Ramses

A teacher by training, Ramses became a technical consultant through self-education. By learning in bits and pieces, he's been able to pivot into completely different careers—while making the process fun.

Find out more about Ramses and his work here:

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