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AusAPT and TypeLAB will co-host an International Type Conference in Tokyo, Japan, 2-4 April, 2024.

Link to schedule (subject to change):

Conference Focus: Cross-cultural and cross-generational type
* Experience Tokyo with the local Japanese type community
* Explore Type and Tokyo together in Cherry Blossom season
* Look at Type in different cultural contexts (participants from Japan, expats living in Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland and also Taiwan!)
* Explore Type across generations: Gen Z, Millennials/Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers (participants are from all generations, from people in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40, 50s, 60s and 70s!)
* Find out the latest in EEG and neuroscience developments.
There will be a mix of presentations alongside experience-based activities exploring Tokyo and type together and connection over meals.

Sessions will be in either Japanese or English with translation provided.

Registration fee: 12,000 yen (not all meals included, especially when going to restaurants and grocery stores)

16,000円(tax included)(includes dinner on April 3)
12,000円(tax included)(no dinner on April 3)
3,000円(tax included) (one-event fee)

REFUND policy: 3 days before free, 2 days before: 50% , 1 day before NO REFUND

Link to schedule (subject to change):


​*Dr. Dario Nardi, "Cultural Contrasts with Type" and "Brains and Type Demonstration."

As you may have experienced, people vary by culture as well as personality. Specifically, Japanese people are known as more quiet and group-focused than people in Australia or the United States. Anthropologists have studied and confirmed key differences between East and West. Today, brain imaging also shows more detail and can help explain these cultural variations. In particular, we will explore the ways that conformity, role-taking, and responsibility play out in these different cultures.

BRAINS AND TYPE DEMONSTRATION:  We can see what happens in the brain, in real time. Dr. Dario Nardi will use a special "EEG" headset to capture and display activity across the brain as a volunteer does some everyday activities. Watch as the brain goes quiet during meditation, or gets excited while challenged, and so on. Inevitably, personality shows up in how the brain is wired and how it responds. You do not need any technical background to appreciate this science of type.Please email to reserve your spot for an EEG scan or check here to make reservations:

Dario Nardi, Ph.D. is known for his work on neuroscience, personality, games, and body-mind practices. He taught at UCLA from 1998-2015, where he won Distinguished Teacher. His books include Neuroscience of Personality, Jung on Yoga, and many other titles. Since 2006, he has conducted hands-on EEG brain research. For more:

​​*Dr. Jane Kise & Ann Holm "The Influence of Culture on Judging and Perceiving."

We all know that the last letter of our type code indicates our approach to the external world. Those who prefer Judging appreciate closure while those who prefer Perceiving appreciate staying open to new information. Yet cultures assert pressure on how we approach life. No matter our final letter, we all have a Judging function (Thinking or Feeling) and a Perceiving function (Sensing or Intuition). In this interactive session, we will explore how cultural norms can help or hinder our ability to take a mature approach to balancing openness with the need for closure.

Jane Kise, Ed.D., is a consultant and author of over 25 books. She began working with personality type over 30 years ago and has specialized in the areas of leadership development, type in education, type and spirituality, and coaching. She is a past president of the Association of Psychological Type International. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ann C. Holm is a professional certified coach specializing in executive leadership and personal development. She is an MBTI Master Practitioner and is known for integrating psychological type theory with other coaching models including Emotional Intelligence, Positive Intelligence and Polarity Thinking where she holds certifications. In addition, she has 25 years of experience in applied brain science as a speech pathologist in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation. She co-authored Educator Bandwidth with Dr. Jane Kise.

​​*Sue Blair, Director at Personality Dynamics, "Striking a Balance Between Thinking and Feeling."

STRIKING A BALANCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING: Sue Blair will be presenting on the decision-making functions, Thinking and Feeling. Thinking and Feeling hold the power to alienate or accommodate. We can cause offense or be offended when we fail to consider what people with each of these function preferences really need.

This session gives clear visual impressions of what these functions actually look like and offers questions we can ask ourselves in order to find balance. If we have the skills, and presence of mind, to reach out to our non-preferred function, especially in times of stress, our ability to use integrity through the decision-making process is greatly enhanced. By understanding this important human diversity we can build better relationships and find better solutions.

Sue Blair has been working with psychological type for well over 20 years and believes that the impact it has on people is invaluable and life-changing. She is an international presenter and keynote speaker, as well as an MBTI practitioner, coach, author and adult educator. She created The Personality Puzzle coaching cards, now used worldwide by coaches and counsellors. She has taught thousands of teachers, parents, students and businesses about the importance of self-awareness and communication. Director at Personality Dynamics Ltd Web sites:

​​*Harumi Gondo, Founder of TypeLAB and 16 Type, "Stages to Build a Vibrant Type Community."

Our keynote presenter is internationally renowned neuroscience and type presenter, Dario Nardi, who studies neuroscience, personality, and body-mind practices and recently published two new books, Decode Your Personality: Go Beyond Myers-Briggs with 64 Brain-Based Subtypes and Teaching Tales for the 16 Personality Types.

Program details will be added as they are confirmed. We are doing our best to keep prices low.


Opening Evening 2 April: Funabori Community Hall:

Conference 3-4 April: Funabori Tower Hall

Post-Program workshop:

Dr. Nardi is offering EEG brain scans on April 5 and 6. Reserve your spot in the following links:




* タイプLABのタイプコミュニティと一緒に東京を体験する。
* 桜の季節にタイプと東京を一緒に探検する。
* 異なる文化的背景からタイプを見る。(日本からの参加者、日本在住の外国人、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、アメリカ、フランス、ドイツ、スイス、そして台湾からの参加者)
* 世代を超えたタイプの探求: Z世代、ミレニアル世代、Y世代、X世代、ベビーブーマー世代(参加者は10代、20代、30代、40代、50代、60代、70代とあらゆる世代から!)。
* 脳波と神経科学の最新動向を知る。




3日前まで キャンセル無料
2日前まで 50%
1日前まで 100%







彼は、 1998 年から 2015 年まで UCLA (カリフォルニア大学ロサンジェルス校)で教鞭をとり、優秀教師賞を受賞しました。彼の著書には、『Neuroscience of Personality(パーソナリティーと脳科学』、『Jung on Yoga(ユングとヨガ)』、その他多くの著書があります。 2006 年以来、彼は実践的な脳波研究を行っています。詳細については、 をご覧ください。


4文字の最後の文字が、外界へのアプローチを示すことは誰もが知っています。判断型を好む人は終了することを好みますが、知覚型を好む人は新しい情報に対してオープンであり続けることを好みます。しかし、文化が、私たちの人生への取り組み方に圧力をかけていることは否めません。最後の文字が何であれ、私たちは皆、判断機能 (思考または感情) と知覚機能 (五感または直観) を持っています。この対話式セッションでは、開放性と閉鎖性が必要とするバランスを得るための成熟したアプローチ能力に、文化的規範がどのように役立つか、あるいは妨げになるかを探ります。

ジェイン・キーズィ 博士:コンサルタントであり、25 冊を超える本の著者です。彼女は 30 年以上前に性格タイプの研究を始め、リーダーシップ開発、教育におけるタイプ、タイプとスピリチュアリティ、コーチングの分野を専門としています。彼女は国際心理タイプ協会の元会長です。彼女はミネソタ州ミネアポリスに住んでいます。

アン ・ホーム氏:経営幹部リーダーシップと自己啓発を専門とするプロの認定コーチです。彼女は MBTI マスター プラクティショナーであり、心理タイプ理論と、心の知能指数、ポジティブ ・インテリジェンス((PQ)、ポラリティ(対極)思考など他のコーチング モデルを統合したことで知られており、資格を取得しています。さらに、脳卒中や脳損傷のリハビリテーションにおける言語聴覚士として、応用脳科学の分野で 25 年の経験があります。彼女はジェーン・キーズィ博士と『Educator Bandwidth(教育者帯域幅)』を共著しました。


スー・ ブレア氏は、意思決定機能である思考と感情についてのプレゼンテーションをします。思考と感情には、疎外したり受容したりする力があります。これらの機能のそれぞれの好みを持つ人々が本当に必要としているものを考慮しないと、気分を害したり、害されたりする可能性があります。

スー ・ブレア氏は 20 年以上にわたって心理タイプに取り組んできており、心理タイプが人々に与える影響は計り知れず、人生を変えるものであると信じています。彼女は国際的なプレゼンターおよび基調講演者であるだけでなく、MBTI 実践者、コーチ、作家、成人の教育者でもあります。彼女は、現在世界中のコーチやカウンセラーによって使用されている「The Personality Puzzle」コーチング カードを作り出しました。彼女は何千人もの教師、保護者、生徒、企業に自己認識とコミュニケーションの重要性を教えてきています。 Personality Dynamics Ltd のディレクター

Web サイト:




▶️▶️主要プレゼンターは、神経科学とタイププレゼンターとして国際的に著名なダリオ・ナーディー博士です。彼は神経科学、パーソナリティ、ボディ・マインドの実践に焦点を当て、2冊の新著『Decode Your Personality』を出版されました。脳科学に基づいた『64のサブタイプでマイヤーズ・ブリッグスを超える』と『16の性格タイプのためのティーチング・テール』を出版したばかりです。



・4/2(火) 18:00〜 船堀コミュニティ会館 集会室1&2

・4/3(水),4/4(木) タワーホール船堀 展示室



Recommended Hotels】

○船堀 Funabori area

会場(タワーホール)のエリアです。ホテルは1軒だけです。Area is around Funabori Tower Hall.

・くれたけイン東京船堀 Kuretake Inn Tokyo Funabori

約7,000円(1泊),駅2分,タワーホール3分(徒歩) around 7000 yen/night, 2 minutes by foot from Funabori Station, 3 minutes by foot from Tower Hall

○西葛西 Nishikasai area

ホテルが多いです。Mostly hotels

・ホテルルミエール Hotel Lumiere

約7,000円(1泊),駅5分,タワーホール9分(TAXI) around 7000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Nishikasai Station, 9 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall

・ホテルマンデー東京西葛西 Hotel Monday

約15,000円,駅2分,タワーホール9分(TAXI) around 15,000 yen/night, 2 minutes from Nishikasai Station, 9 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall

○葛西 Kasai area

空港行きリムジンバスが停まります。Narita and Haneda Airport limousine buses comes to Kasai Station.

・ホテルルミエール葛西 Hotel Lumiere Kasai

約15,000円,駅5分,タワーホール12分(TAXI) around 15,000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Kasai Station, 12 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall

・ホテルイルフィオーレ Hotel Il Fiore Kasai

約20,000円,駅5分,タワーホール12分(TAXI) around 20,000 yen/night, 5 minutes by foot from Kasai Station, 12 minutes by taxi from Tower Hall

Edogawa City, Tokyo 134-0091, Japan
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