Cover Image for DeAI Day Austin - May 30th 2024
Cover Image for DeAI Day Austin - May 30th 2024
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DeAI Day Austin - May 30th 2024

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Get ready to dive into the future with DeAI Day Austin on May 30th, 2024!

It's not just any day; it's a full-blown celebration of Free and Open Source Software (OSS) for AI. Right in the heart of Austin, TX. From 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT.

The Decentralized AI Day is throwing a gathering for anyone passionate about the Decentralized AI movement. Whether you're a developer, an enthusiast, or just DeAI-curious, this is where you want to be.

As the Decentralized AI community converges in Austin for major conferences, DeAI Day Austin is your ticket to meet the brilliant minds behind the Morpheus, Lumerin, Venice, Filecoin Foundation,, Wire Network, Exabits, Hyperbolic, Sapien, The Lifted Initiative, Akash, Render, 0g, Masa, Alethea AI and Zo communities, among many others shaping the Decentralized AI tech stack.


11:00 - Opening Remarks David Johnston, Morpheus contributor

11:20 - Panel - Decentralized vs Centralized AI - Debunking Myths

Jasper Zhang, Hyperbolic

Teana Baker-Taylor, Venice

Arif Khan, Alethea AI

Moderator: Aaron Stanley, Filecoin Foundation

11:50 - Fireside Chat - Why do we need Private, Permissionless AI?

Erik Voorhees, Venice

Moderator: Lex Sokolin, Generative Ventures

12:10 - Panel - Crypto & AI Convergence 

Michael Heinrich, 0g Labs

Azi Mandias, Zo Labs

Trevor Koverko, Sapien

Moderator: Jeff McDonald

12:40 - AI Prize Fight with Mike Anderson, & Ken DiCross, Wire Network

01:00-1:30 - Lunch & Networking

1:30 - Keynote - Ryan Condron, Lumerin Protocol

1:50 - Panel - Tools for curating open-source AI

Ryan Condron, Lumerin Protocol 

Brendan Playford, Masa

Greg Osuri, Akash Network

Moderator: David Johnston, Morpheus contributor

2:20-2:40 - Panel - Build, Deploy & Monetize

Jonathan Jaranilla, Exabits

Imgesu Cetin, Genie AI

Trevor Harries-Jones, Render Network 

Anna Kazlauskas, Vana

Willy Ogorzaly, Nounspace

Moderator: Mike Anderson,

2:40-3:00 Presentation - Open Source is under attack - what do we do about it?

Danny O’Brien, Filecoin Foundation

3:00-5:00 - Drinks + Networking

See you there!

Hotel Ella
1900 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705, USA
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