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ACT Dental U Master Class with Dr. Craig Herre on June 3rd - Conservative Enamel Grafting: The Unique Utilization of Composite Resin For Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry



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Master Class Learning Objectives

  • Developing a new mindset to preserve and protect natural tooth structure

  • Ethics in dentistry when treatment planning

  • Become a "physician of the mouth"

  • Using an injection moulding technique in the application of composite

  • Layering and esthetics with injection moulding

  • The diverse applications of composite overlays

Course Summary

  • Over the years dentistry has become a commoditized profession based on repair of body parts and their procedure codes. Dentistry is and should be a health care profession that centers on service utilizing a diagnosis and ethical treatment plan. The mouth is an integral part of the human system and as such dentists should respect its natural components. Conservative restorative dentistry is possible to preserve native tooth structure and provide excellent health, function and esthetics. This course is meant to shed light on a new mindset, a new way of thinking when considering the why and the how of our treatment.

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