Cover Image for 【 IVS 】TOKYO SOLID  EXCLUSIVE ART SHOW & PARTY  in  Yasaka Shrine
Cover Image for 【 IVS 】TOKYO SOLID  EXCLUSIVE ART SHOW & PARTY  in  Yasaka Shrine
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TOKYO SOLID, the global sensation, now arrives in Japan! Join us for an exclusive, one-night-only extravaganza at a 500-year-old tea house nestled within the historic Yasaka Shrine grounds. Indulge in Japanese cuisine, culture, art, and entertainment in this luxurious affair.

世界で展開するTOKYO SOLID がついに日本初上陸! 創業500年、歴史ある八坂神社境内のお茶屋で、日本の食、文化、アート、芸を満喫できる一夜限りの贅沢な宴をお愉しみください。

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■ Matsu Plan (Max 10 pax)
18:00- 20:30 Dinner + TOKYO SOLID PARTY
Indulge in the epitome of Japanese cuisine, "Kyoto Kaiseki," and traditional geisha dances. Enjoy a cultural immersion with the flexibility to move between two venues.
・Deluxe"Kyoto Kaiseki" Japanese cuisine
・Geisha Performance
・VIP Area access

■ Take Plan (Max 20pax)
18:00- 20:00 + TOKYO SOLID PARTY
You can savor the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, "Kyoto Kaiseki," while enjoying the illuminated garden view. Feel free to move between the two venues at your leisure.
・Superior "Kyoto Kaiseki" Japanese cuisine
・VIP Area access

■ TOKYO SOLID PARTY (Max 100pax)
19:00- 22:00
You can enjoy top artists' artworks, bonsai displays, koto performances, and DJ sets, all accompanied by delicious drinks. Plus, engage in various communities and networking opportunities.
・Networking with people who love art and Web3.
・Exhibition of works by the world's top digital artists
・Display of a premier bonsai (33 ETH) by Bonsai Artist Masashi Hirao
・Performance of traditional Japanese "koto" music
・Garden light-up
・DJ performance
*This course does not include Japanese cuisine.

■ 松プラン(10名限定)
18:00- 20:30 + TOKYO SOLID PARTY

■ 竹プラン(20名限定)
18:00- 20:00+ TOKYO SOLID PARTY

19:00- 22:00
・盆栽アーティスト平尾成志氏による作品 (33 ETHで販売)の展示

Yasaka Shrine - 八坂神社

Located at the heart of Kyoto's Gion district stands the renowned Yasaka Shrine, famous for hosting one of Japan's three major festivals, the Gion Festival, which is also designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The venue is situated within the precincts on the south gate side of the shrine.


Nakamuraro - 中村楼

We will be hosting the event at a historic tea house with a legacy of 500 years, nestled within the grounds of Yasaka Shrine. With two facilities and a total of five rooms, the event will take place in a privately reserved illuminated garden.



Featuring new drop from TOP JAPANESE ARTISTS across various fields like manga, anime, media art, illustration, CG, AI art, and TOP GLOBAL ARTISTS inspired by Japanese culture, this is a PARTY-STYLE EXHIBITION unveiling their new drops. TOKYO SOLID is all about the latest in WEB3 ART experiences, MUSIC, and a great PARTY VIBE. It's not just an exhibition, it's the ultimate gathering. As of May 2024, it has been held in 10 cities across six countries. The NOX community continues to expand globally.

NOX GALLERYは 世界各都市で“日本のWeb3アート x 音楽”をテーマにしたイベント「TOKYO SOLID」を開催しています。日本が誇るマンガ、アニメ、メディアアート、イラスト、CG、AIなど様々な分野のトップアーティストと、日本カルチャーにインスパイアされた世界各地のトップアーティストが集結。WEB3アート、音楽、テクノロジー、そして素晴らしい仲間と過ごす、これまでにないパーティスタイルのショーケースです。2024年5月時点で6カ国10都市で開催。NOXコミュニティーは世界中に拡大しています。

This event is perfect for

  • Those who want to network with investors, executives, Web3 professionals, and art collectors

  • Those who want to experience Japanese hospitality, culture, art, and traditions in the heart of Kyoto's Gion, a location with a 500-year history.

  • 投資家、経営者、Web3関係者、アートコレクターとネットワーキングしたい方

  • 500年の歴史のある京都祇園の中心で、日本文化、アート、カルチャーを体感したい方

NOX Gallery
Wafuku Labs
Pudgy Penguin


・The event details are subject to change without notice.
・Please note that priority will be given to those who have received an invitation from organizers, sponsors, or partners. Thank you for your understanding.

509 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0074, Japan
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