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State of the Market with Steve Dean - December 2023

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Join us for a Compound Conversation featuring Steve Dean, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer of Compound Planning.

​📆 Date: Thursday, December 21
🕚 Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET

We’ll explore key developments across public and private markets, geographies, industries, and asset classes so you can cut through the noise of recent economic and market activity and focus on what matters most.

​Whether or not you're a seasoned investor, this insightful discussion shouldn’t be missed.

​​​​​Compound Conversations is an educational series aimed at facilitating a discussion that’s relevant to entrepreneurs, professionals, and retirees. Compound Planning blends the personal touch of a dedicated wealth advisor with a beautiful digital dashboard to create a magical planning experience you won’t find anywhere else. With the Compound dashboard, you can work with your Advisor to create and implement a comprehensive financial roadmap tailored to your needs. Our platform offers a holistic view of your finances, allowing you to plan and track progress all in one place in addition to a spectrum of services from tax filing to alternative investing. 

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