H2 Yin - Winter Restorative Yoga



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Event Information

Winter… the time to slow down and save our energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is associated with, and ruled by the element Water—the most nourishing substance… the essence of life! The wisdom of water is to flow, to move smoothly and freely and to take the shape of what contains it, without changing outcomes.

I invite you then, to be, move and breathe smoothly and freely like water during this winter season. This yoga series has been created with this in mind. Winter, water, slow restorative movements that bring us peace, harmony, and help us conserve energy, while keeping our vitality and strength.

Props Needed:

  • Yoga blocks or books (even a yoga wheel will help in some poses)

  • Bolster (you can make your own with pillows wrapped in blankets!)

  • Knee or bum padding, such as folded blanket or cushions

  • Empty wall

  • Strap, belt or non-elastic band

  • Rolled-up towel

  • Anything at hand that will help you relax even more and feel like you are floating!!! :)


  • Please make sure the camera is ON and placed away enough from the mat so I can see your full body during class.

  • Please make sure your phone is OFF or in Do Not Disturb mode, so that there are no distractions whatsoever that might keep you away from being fully engaged in your Yin Yoga practice.


This class will be recorded

The recording, however, will not be shared with anyone. The only purpose for recording this class is my own review in order to improve my teaching technique. By signing up for any or all of the classes in the series, you will be consenting to the series being recorded (your image or likeness might or might not show on the recording).