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Plant Walk in Cherry Valley, NY Hosted By Weathertop Farmacy

Hosted by AC Stauble
Past Event
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Minimum $13.00
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About Event

About the Event:

​Join herbalist and farmer AC Stauble, The Traveling Herb Farmer, for a plant walk and educational experience about the wonders and healing benefits of the plants that you can find in the Northeast.

​This event is hosted by the amazing folks at Weathertop Farmacy, a well stocked gift shop, apothecary and herb shop located at their new location in Cherry Valley at 6 Main Street.

At 12pm, Sunday July 30th we will meet at Weathertop Farmacy to gather our group, and enjoy taking in the sites of the shop. Then at 12:15 we will set out on our walk to the bench across the street and walk around town.

​AC will point out and discuss some of the plants and get in to the medicinal uses of a few of our most common wild weeds and show the things that are edible. In the area AC has noticed lots of medicinal plants such as comfrey, yarrow, plantain, angelica, goldenrod, roses, and more. We will see what we find together and end around 2pm back where we started.

Register for a sliding scale of $13-$30.00 here on this event page if you'd like to join.

Help us spread the word by sharing this link with your friends if you're able! We'd super appreciate it.

Rain or Shine:
Bring appropriate shoes, coat, umbrella, etc. just in case.

What to Bring:

  • ​Layers of clothing to protect from sun or rain

  • ​Hat can be helpful

  • ​Comfortable shoes for walking

  • ​A Notebook and Pen

  • Clear Tape (for taping plant samples in your notebook)

  • ​Water Bottle with water

  • ​Snacks

  • ​Some extra spending cash bc you know you'll want some goodies from the shop, lets be real, it's cute as heck in there and she has amazine herbal delights like her fruit and herb shrubs and switchels which we can taste after the walk

About AC Stauble:

​AC is a community herbalist and farmer living about an hour west of Weathertop Farmacy at a beautiful herb farm in the rolling hills of West Edmeston, NY called Cohosh Creek Herb Farm and Sanctuary.

Her handmade products with home grown herbs can be found online at Traveling Herb Farmer .com or in person at the Cooperstown Farmers Market every other Saturday. She specializes in skin soothing salve and muscle rub.

Teaching people in engaging ways about how to connect with plants and create herbal medicines is one of the central joys of AC's life. She leads workshops, demos and plant walks in addition to interviewing plant people on her podcast.

This fall she will be hosting the Plant Cunning Conference at Cohosh Creek Herb Farm with amazing herbalists, authors, astrologers and gardeners like Matthew Wood, Pam Montgomery, Kate Gilday and Zambonifunk. It's being held on September 9-10, 2023 with workshops, plant walks, and live music. Learn more here.