10 Universal Principles for Success Using Tapping w/ Brad Yates and Gene Monterastelli

May 26 (Wed), 9:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Over the course of 6 weeks Gene Monterastelli interviewed 17 masters of transformation and healing from around the world. The most amazing part of these interviews is how the same lessons and themes came up over and over.

In reflecting on the interviews there were 10 primary lessons about healing and transformation.

In this workshop Brad Yates and Gene Monterastelli are going to share these 10 lessons and talk about how these see these lessons show up in their work with clients, in their own journey, and most importantly how you can use these 10 lessons to get the most out of your healing and transformational journey.

Gene Monterastelli is the host of the Tapping Q & A Podcast. Since 2008 he has been helping people to move beyond the basic recipe of tapping to mastering the art of delivery so that they can find root causes faster, clear issues quicker, and have longer lasting results. He has created over 1100 free audios, videos, and articles on tapping which can be found at TappingQandA.com.

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