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From ETH to Startup Founder by ETH Analytics Club

Hosted by Dominik Diak, Arne Thomsen & Rodrigo Casado
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6th of November at 18:30 in HG E33.1

Join ETH Analytics Club for a fireside chat with Martin Postel, the CTO of Opply, and Dominik Diak, Talent Investor at Entrepreneur First. Hear more about Martin's journey, from finishing a PhD at ETH to joining the Entrepreneur First program, meeting his co-founder, Helen, and raising +4m USD in funding from Europe's top investors.

About Martin:
Martin is the Co-Founder and CTO of Opply - the world's first automated ingredient ordering service for SMEs. The company raised $4 million in funding from Chalfen Ventures and Anthemis Group.

Prior to founding Opply, Martin completed a PhD in AI in Manufacturing from ETH Zurich. He has solved some of the most challenging manufacturing and supply-related problems using machine learning.

About Entrepreneur First:
Entrepreneur First invests in exceptional individuals to build startups from scratch. We bring together talented outliers to develop their most ambitious ideas and raise money from the world’s best investors.

​​Since pioneering Talent Investing in 2014, we’ve learned to recognize individuals with extraordinary futures before anyone else, embedding them in a community of ambitious peers and giving them the tools they need to succeed, fast. We back them before they have a company, a team, even before they have an idea, based purely on talent.

​​The startups cofounded on our programs are now worth over $10B, and include Tractable, Magic Pony Technology, Cleo, La Vie, Aztec, Sonantic, and many more.

​​EF is backed by some of the world's leading founders and investors, including Patrick and John Collison (Stripe); Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Tom Blomfield (GoCardless and Monzo), Sara Clemens (Whatnot and Twitch); Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind); and Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress). We exist to make great companies happen that otherwise wouldn’t.

About Analytics Club:
The Analytics Club at ETH is a student run society with a shared passion for data science and machine learning.

​We offer a home base for all the students interested in data science and help them in acquiring additional skills and tools needed to succeed in their career whether in academia or in the industry.