Cover Image for Beyond Chatbots: What to build in AI?
Cover Image for Beyond Chatbots: What to build in AI?
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Beyond Chatbots: What to build in AI?

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“Over time, AI will be the biggest technological shift we see in our lifetimes. It's bigger than the shift from desktop computing to mobile, and it may be bigger than the internet itself.”

Join Prayank Swaroop, Partner at Accel, Umakant Soni, General Partner, ART Venture Fund & Chairman, AI Foundry and Ishavasyam Dash, Director at Antler in India as they discuss interesting emerging spaces across LLMOps, Agents, AI for Bharat, AI for Enterprise and more, and share predictions on what the future holds.

Which AI startup ideas to pursue? Which are flashes in the pan waiting to be made irrelevant by a new model, a new architecture shift, or several startups chasing the same problem?

The internet is full of AI market maps brimming with potential startup ideas, but it inevitably leads to the question of where to focus. Find answers to such questions and a lot more on the other side.


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