Do You Yield? The Future of Crypto Staking and Regulation, and Why It's Not a Checking Account 🔵Sponsored Session🔵



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Welcome to the second season of ACJR's Off the Record, a peer-to-peer way for journalists to get up to speed on all things crypto. This is a sponsored session by Kraken, which means they select the topics and speakers.

In this session, we’re delving into the crypto staking market: the quiet giant on track to soon comprise as much as a third of total market capitalization. With regulators turning their attention onto crypto yield products, this is an area of intense focus for the industry, and will only grow in prominence as companies, such as Kraken, continue to make this a core part of their business. 


A discussion with Marco Santori (@MSantoriESQ), Chief Legal Officer at Kraken and Thamin Ahmed (@teemuz), Senior Researcher at the London School of Economics. The session will be moderated by Sandali Handagama (@iamsandali), regulation and policy reporter at CoinDesk. There'll be time for Q&A, so bring your reg and staking questions.

This whole session really is off the record, so it’s not recorded and we ask attendees to abide by Chatham House rules.

This event is open to journalists and researchers only.

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Off the Record was put together by an ACJR working group comprising:
Joon Ian Wong, Renee McGivern, Molly Jane Zuckerman, Pete Rizzo, Samantha Yap.


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