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BNB Chain Innovation Roadshow - Tokyo / Produced by AKINDO

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ピッチ賞金$3,000💰BNB Chainが初のJapanイベントを開催🎉

English is below"
Binanceエコシステムから生まれたBNB Chainが、国内ビルダーに向けたイベントを初開催!BNB Chainカルチャーに触れ、ビルダーコミュニティに入るチャンス…!

開催日はETHGlobal Tokyo終了の翌日【4/17(月)】夜のみの参加しやすいイベントになっていますので、是非、本ページ内のフォームよりお申込みください!


当日のミニレクチャーを踏まえて行われるアイデアソンでは、優秀な成績を残した参加者に【計$3,000】がBNB Chainから提供されることが正式決定!


BNB ChainはJapan communityを本イベント以降、構築・拡大していく予定ですので、参加者同士は勿論、BNB Chainメンバーとも是非ご交流下さい🤝


BSC(BNB Chain)は、EVM互換性のあるスマートコントラクトに対応したL1ブロックチェーンです(もともとバイナンススマートチェーン(BSC)と呼ばれていたものです)。


※Open18:30/Start 19:00

■会場:CryptoBase@NIB SHIBUYA
〒150-0031 東京都渋谷区桜丘町16−13 桜丘フロントⅡ 3F





BNB chainコアメンバーによるキーノート
登壇:Zoe Wei / Head of Developer Relations

2.Project Pitch & Talk Session
BNB Chainエコシステムの注目プロジェクト「WallChain」 / 「Tranchess」が登壇








共同主催:BNB Chain / Skyland Ventures / AKINDO
登壇プロジェクト:WallChain / Tranchess

協力: CryptoBase@NIB SHIBUYA


Pitch prize of $3,000💰BNB Chain's first event in Japan🎉.

BNB Chain, born out of the Binance ecosystem, is hosting its first event for builders in Japan!

This is a great chance to experience the culture of BNB Chain and join their community!

The event date is Mon, Apr 17th after ETHGlobal Tokyo(4/14-16) ends.

This event is easy to attend, evening only. Please register from the form on this page.

And, we have big news!

Some participants with the good results in the ideathon can receive $3,000 from BNB Chain!

※Total $3,000 will be distributed separately.

Even if you have no experience in web3 build,

you have a chance to win with your new perspective...!

At the end of this event we will host a networking party with the speakers.

BNB Chain plans to build and expand Japanese community.

Join this event and become BNB Chain's builder members!

Introduction to BNB Chain

BNB Chain is an EVM-compatible, smart contract-enabled L1 blockchain (originally called the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)).

With a TVL of nearly $5 billion in DeFi, BNB has a market capitalization of over $50 billion.

■Date & Time: April 17 (Mon.) 19:00-22:00 JST

※Open18:30 / Start19:00
※Gates will be closed after the event starts.

■Venue: CryptoBase@NIB SHIBUYA

Sakuragaoka Front II 3F, 16-13 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031

■Capacity: 50

※A lottery will be held if there are too many applicants.

■Participation fee: Free of charge

※Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate.

■Language: English

Japanese interpretation is provided for some parts of the program.

■ Program

Speaker:Zoe Wei / Head of Developer Relations

2.Project Pitch & Talk Session
by WallChain and Tranchess

Workshops and presentations by participants

Participants are required to entry the ideathon in AKINDO and submit their presentation.

Please register an account in AKINDO and entry BNB Chain' ideathon before this event. You can build or update your ideas during the workshop.

<Register here👇🏻>

※For more information on how to submit ideas, please refer to this page.
※No problem to register your personal Github account.

5.Networking Party


Co-Organizers: BNB Chain / Skyland Ventures / AKINDO

Guest projects: WallChain / Tranchess

Planning & Producing : AKINDO

Cooperation: CryptoBase@NIB SHIBUYA