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Cover Image for Success Plan Workshop (For Customer Success Leaders)
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Success Plan Workshop (For Customer Success Leaders)

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​When a success plan works, it can truly unlock the “strategic” part of being a Customer Success Manager. Sadly, the majority of them don’t. And there are many reasons why:

  • ​It’s hard to get buy-in 

  • ​They are time-consuming 

  • ​They’re hard to manage  

  • ​We quickly forgot about them  

And the list goes on.

​Yet, despite all of the drawbacks, they are still critical to Customer Success, so much so that success plans are the #1 program investment CS leaders will make in 2024, according to a report gathered by Daphne Costa Lopes.  

A success plan comes with many benefits for your CSMs, mainly being that they’re on the same page with their clients. The clients tell them what’s important, they’re working towards a goal, and there’s accountability. 

​If your team is stuck going in circles, they feel like all they do is firefight, or they don’t know “how to move the needle,” having a success plan is not optional. 

Earlier this month, we hosted an exclusive workshop for CSMs on effectively running success plans. Now, we’re welcoming you – CS leaders – to your very own workshop that goes beyond a spreadsheet template (but you’ll get that too 😉).

​We’ll be showing you how to:

  • Create an operating system for your success plans (you really don’t want to skip this step) 

  • Enable your CS team on how to get buy-in from stakeholders and keep them engaged on the success plan 

  • ​Use your success plans to get your CSMs out of tactical/feature request/shiny object conversations with your clients that aren’t strategic

  • ​Integrate your success plan throughout your touchpoints (this won’t be a one-hit wonder)

​Who is this for? 

  • ​CS Leaders who want their CS teams to be more strategic with their accounts 

  • ​CS Leaders who have it on their 2024 list to build a success plan process 

  • ​CS Leaders who want a system to help their clients meet their objectives 

​What you’ll leave this workshop with: 

  • ​A success plan template - This is your base template; make it your own.  

  • ​An outreach email template - You’ll need to tell your clients you can use this. 

  • ​A success plan lifecycle - When, where, and how to use the success plan.

  • And more...

​​Workshop Details:

​​   - Date and Time: February  29th, 12 PM

​​   - Duration: 1.15 hours, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session

​​   - Platform: Hosted on Zoom

​​   - Speaker: Diana De Jesus, CEO of The Customer Success Project

​​And yes, it will be recorded if you miss it.

Hope to see you there!

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