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Conscious Tech Collective (CTC) Weekly

Hosted by Ming, Adi Melamed & The SF Commons
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We are a multidisciplinary group of experts and enthusiasts from neuroscience, Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Human Computer Interaction design (HCI), psychotherapy, arts, somatic healing, ancient wisdom practices and related fields.

We've been gathering since March 2023 to explore our shared concerns and curiosities about the impact of a new wave of emerging technologies on human well-being.

We believe and want to advocate for a future where Technology and Capital support human and planetary flourishing. Not the other way around. Conscious tech means 1. Rising individual and collective consciousness towards mindful love and compassion (e.g. mental health tech, tech for wisdom) and 2. Craft technology with mindful conscious intentions (e.g. calm tech, ambient computing)

We define rising consciousness as the (re)connection to ourselves, each other, and to our planet.

Our 3 pillars of action are:
1. Focused Research
2. Thought leadership (publications) / Movement building (events)
3. Product Incubation

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