Joe Biden Follow Hollywood Artists on US President's Official Twitter

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Joe Biden Follow Hollywood Artists on US President's Official Twitter

After being elected President of the United States, Joe Biden can now use his official Twitter account, @POTUS. For your information, the name of the Twitter account which stands for President of the United States has indeed been passed down from generation to generation to the US President, since Obama came to power.

Joe Biden got the account name @POTUS from Donald Trump in a completely new state, empty without tweets or followers. Data from the @POTUS account that Trump used previously, is archived in the @ POTUS45 account.

When this article was written, Thursday (21/1/2021), Joe Biden has followed 12 other Twitter accounts. There is an official first lady account held by the wife, @FLOTUS, and a number of officials and state offices.

However, among the accounts related to state affairs, it seems that there is one Hollywood artist's name who has been there. Who is he?

Was the celebrity Jennifer Lopez who appeared at her inauguration ceremony? Or Lady Gaga who has supported him for a long time, and even performed the US National Anthem at the inauguration?

It was not. That figure is Chrissy Teigen.

It could be, the reason Joe Biden follows Chrissy Teigen's account is because of the model's request. Prior to the appointment of the 46th US President, John Legend's wife casually asked Joe Biden to follow her on Twitter.

"Hello @joebiden I've been blocked by the president for four years, please follow me please," read Chrissy Teigein's tweet. The president who blocked Chrissy, of course, Donald Trump.

This 35-year-old woman may request to be followed casually. However, when @POTUS really became his follower, he was shocked.

Chrissy retweeted the netizen accounts that talked about this, and added her own sentence. "OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!" he wrote.

He added, "my heart, oh my God, no, I can finally see the president's tweet and he doesn't look like he's going crazy."