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Nourishing Ourselves with Deep Rest Weekend Retreat

Hosted by The Mindfulness and Compassion Centre, Barry Lee & Rachel
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Nourishing ourselves with deep rest

In this retreat the emphasis will be on rest and learning to nourish ourselves. How can we drop into rest? What does it feel like when we experience deep rest? What gets in the way? How can we learn to nourish ourselves in a way that is sustainable?

An opportunity to land, rest and recuperate, this retreat calls us home to practice, stillness and the joy of connection with the natural world and each other.

It includes meditation, gentle movement, nature connection practices and small group work.

Barry and Rachel will draw on a variety of approaches including mindfulness based stress reduction, mindful self-compassion, compassion focused therapy, awakening joy and the work that reconnects.

Food is one of the most important things on a retreat. Poppy is a gifted cook and she will prepare delicious, healthy, vegetarian food for you (using seasonal organic produce).

All are welcome! The weekend is open to beginners as well as people with more experience.



Why is rest so important? - by Barry Lee

I’m writing this on the 14th of September. The summer is over and at times I feel like I have been thrown back onto a treadmill which is going at 100 miles an hour. It’s really jarring.

It’s only been two weeks and already, I feel tired. Summer is a distant memory. So many plates to spin, so many balls to juggle, so much pressure.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this. Many of the people I work with resonate with it too. A feeling of always being “on”. A feeling of “hurry”. A friend of mine describes it as the “washing machine of life”.

It’s not sustainable.

We need to rest. Really rest and not just for a couple of weeks or a month in the summer. It needs to become an integral part of our lives. Rest is not a cop out and it’s not weak. The alternative is burnout. When we are rested, we are more effective in the world, we are less reactive and we are more creative.

In this retreat the emphasis will be on slowing down so we can really listen to what we need. We will learn how to drop into the body and rest, not just on retreat but also in our daily lives.