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Creative dharma newsletter open meeting

Hosted by The Tuwhiri Project, Brad Parks & Ronn Smith
Past Event
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About Event

The editors of Creative Dharma, a newsletter will be hosting a one-hour online meeting for all subscribers, our friends, and anyone interested in meditation, creativity and secular dharma.

An opportunity for you to meet the editors, you’ll hear what we have planned for the newsletter. To start with, three of us will each speak for five minutes.

• Brad Parks will speak on the place of creativity in meditation practice

• Ramsey Margolis will propose a voluntary paid subscription, with all the revenue received being given to creatives across a range of artistic mediums and to support creative dharma communities and individuals who want to get a community off the ground

• Ronn Smith will focus on creativity and the dharma, where it comes from, and why a newsletter is a good form forum for a continuing conversation on this topic.

And if you’re interested in writing for Creative Dharma, this could be an opportunity to approach us with your own article ideas or suggest article ideas/topics/themes you’d like the newsletter to cover.