Cover Image for Bratislava Data Meetup #6: Python in Cloud
Cover Image for Bratislava Data Meetup #6: Python in Cloud
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Bratislava Data Meetup #6: Python in Cloud

Hosted by Viki Karolova, Kateřina Raszka & Michal Kolacek
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The 6th edition of Bratislava Data Meetup will aim to explore the intersection of Python programming and cloud computing, showcasing innovative applications, best practices, and emerging trends in this dynamic space. 

This event promises to be an enlightening exploration of innovative approaches, best practices, and real-world applications of Python in cloud environments.

Featured Talks:

🔍 dbt Native Data Observability
Speaker: Andrej Baran, Head of Data at Slido 

In our data-driven landscape, maintaining the quality, reliability, and business relevance of datasets is crucial. Discover how dbt Native Data Observability offers a game-changing approach to enhance our data management practices.

🔑 Impersonation in Data Engineering
Speaker: Marian Špilka,

Learn about a modern approach to handle and implement resource and service access management in the data pipeline. Explore the concept of credential-free code and how to seamlessly integrate Google Identity and Access Management, Impersonation, Workload Identity, and Airflow.

🔄 Sane Python CI/CD Workflows
Speaker: Matej Kloska, Surglogs

Imagine sleek CI/CD pipelines, a modern Python stack, and the complex world of the healthcare industry with its compliance constraints. Discover how to build smooth Python workflows using open-source technologies, prioritizing team velocity, and developer experience.


Come and join us to expand your knowledge, network with fellow data enthusiasts, and gain valuable insights into the intersection of Python and cloud computing.

If you really need an additional nudge, food 🍕 & drinks will be served for FREE!

✋🏼Spaces are limited, make sure to register to secure your spot! ✋🏼


About Bratislava Data Meetups:

Bratislava Data Meetups regular inperson meetups for Data engineers, Data scientists, ML Engineers and other specialists and enthusiasts from the Data community, mainly in Bratislava. and Slido partner up with various interesting companies who specialize in this field and bring together interesting people and topics which you might like to listen about.


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