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How to maximise Voice Biometrics adoption - Best practices from 25 million enrollments

Hosted by Matt Smallman & Modern Security Community
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Matt Smallman introduces the Voice Biometrics value chain and shows how it can be used to understand registration (enrolment) performance. Using experience from more than 25 million registrations, Matt will cover:

  • Registration versus Enrolment - The appropriate use of language

  • Eligibility - How should you think about it?

  • Offer and Consent - Are they different, and how to best position with users?

  • Managing Agent Performance - Key barriers and how to overcome them? Including real-life examples from Sam Lewis of Fidelity International.

  • Managing Automated Registration Performance - How to not get in the way of the customer's intent?

There will be an open question-and-answer session, following Matt's presentation where you will have the opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to your particular application.

About Our Speakers

Matt Smallman is the author of “Unlock Your Call Centre: A proven way to upgrade security, efficiency and caller experience”, a book based on his more than a decade’s experience transforming the security processes of the world’s most customer-centric organisations.

Matt’s mission is to remove “Security Farce” from the call centre and all our lives. All organisations need to secure their call centre interactions, but very few do this effectively today. The processes and methods they use should deliver real security appropriate to the risk, with as little impact on the caller and agent experience as possible.

Matt works as an independent consultant engaged by end-users of the latest authentication and fraud prevention technologies. He has led the business design and implementation of some of the most successful Voice Biometrics solutions, including Fidelity Investments and Lloyds Banking Group. In total, his clients cover almost 25 million enrolled users. As a direct result of his guidance, his clients are some of the most innovative users of modern security technology and have the highest levels of customer adoption. He is currently leading the business design and implementation of Voice Biometrics for multiple clients in the US and UK.


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