Cover Image for Solana Professional Developer Training in NYC
Cover Image for Solana Professional Developer Training in NYC
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Solana Professional Developer Training in NYC

Hosted by Mike MacCana & Hall Hoyt
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New York, New York
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​The Solana Foundation is inviting developers to a 4-day Solana professional training session.

The training covers cryptography fundamentals, blockchain, and Solana from the ground up, with frequent hands-on labs. By the end of the training, attendees will be able to create and transfer tokens, mint NFTs, and build on-chain applications on Solana, the fastest, cheapest, and most scalable blockchain.

The training is aimed at any existing web developer. You'll need to know TypeScript, but you don't need prior cryptography or blockchain experience.

This training is free of charge.

Lunch is provided daily.

- Proficient in TypeScript. 
- This is a hands-on course, so you'll need a laptop. A Mac or Linux laptop, Windows is fine too but you must have WSL2 and Microsoft Terminal installed.

We're expecting a large demand for this course, so we've added a few questions during registration. Registering does not guarantee acceptance into the training. If you're accepted we'll see you there!

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New York, New York
24 Going