🎙️The 5 Exits to Scale Your Agency to $100k/Mo in Profits & Beyond



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What are the exact stages you need to walk through to scale your agency to $100k/mo in profits?

​​​On July 19th, at 1 PM ET, agency scalability expert Mandi Ellefson will host a 1-hour, LIVE Q&A session to answer this question and many others.

Mandi is the founder of handsoffceo.com and the creator of the Scale to Freedom Scalable Service Growth™ model. She's helped over 100 agency CEOs immediately free up to 20-50% of their work week and lead lives of greater freedom and success.

​​​​If you attend, you’ll walk away with:

  • the exact 5 stages to walk through and in what order to reach $100k/mo in profits

  • the key steps to take you from working 80%+ IN the business, to working 50%+ ON the business

  • the complete framework to safely let go & scale growth without feeling trapped

  • the 4 key areas of opportunity in your business that can generate the most significant growth in the least amount of time

  • a proven approach to sales without overpromising or eating up capacity with low-profit projects

​​​As usual, this event is limited to 100 attendees, first come, first serve. There will be a recording, but we’ll prioritize questions from the live audience.

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