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Sustainability in Manufacturing

Hosted by Robin Dechant
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Together with Adam Scheuring (Founder & CEO at Variable) and Øyvind Bjørnstad (Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Vestre), we’re hosting a session about Sustainability in Manufacturing. We’ll discuss how to measure supply chain emissions, how to reduce them, and everything from little technical details to standards and financing options.

About Variable
Variable is an operating system for decarbonizing value chains. It helps companies to track, analyze and reduce their CO2e emissions both in their direct operations and in their supply chain. Variable enables climate leader manufacturers like Vestre and Airthings to set ambitious climate targets and drive effective decarbonization plans in their entire value chain.

About Vestre
Vestre is a Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture. For more than 70 years, we have helped create social meeting places for millions of people.
There is much talk about the triple bottom line, recording social and environmental, as well as financial results. We are happy to join in, and for a long time we have followed this motto: Everyone can save the world. A little. We have made long-term sustainability a prerequisite in all parts of our operations. To be more specific, we have tied this commitment to nine of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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