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Increase win-rates with Psych

Hosted by Rahul from Toplyne ツ
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A lead was bafflingly a no-show to the demo after showing initial intent. You were surprisingly ghosted after the "perfect" demo. A deal mysteriously slipped out of your hands.

Scary? Sure. Unexplainable? Not really.

Every touchpoint in your sales journey either sparks joy (+Psych) or saps energy (-Psych). Think of the thrill when a prospect sees "30% savings on annual subscription", versus the dread they feel at "Kindly fill this 20-field form to see our demo."

Hot damn!

Wait, hold on. What is Psych? Glad you asked.

Psych is the framework used by companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Airtable to detect and improve the way an experience affects a user's emotional energy while interacting with various touchpoints in your sales funnel.

Meet Darius Contractor, the creator of Psych who has previously built and scaled products at Dropbox, Facebook, and Airtable.

We sit with Darius to discuss:
✨ Elements of Psych

🔥 Tactical insights into how Psych can be leveraged to increase funnel conversions

⚡️ His favorite examples of getting sales touchpoints right ...and so much more

Darius will take your questions throughout the event and in the dedicated 15 mins AMA at the end.

​​Keep them loaded🫡