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The world's first Web3 on-chain marketplace, Daren, will join forces with local Korean blockchain consulting firms, Blockkey and ChainWith, to host a grand offline industry summit in Seoul in September. The main objective of this summit is to provide an excellent platform for communication and collaboration among Web3.0 technology and metaverse ecosystem promoters from Asia and around the world. Additionally, it aims to facilitate the advancement of participating industry projects' products in terms of local user acquisition, long-term operations, and development.

As one of the most significant and largest events during Korea Blockchain Week, this summit will bring together 30+ partners, 50+ media partners, 200+ industry influencers, and over 20 traditional and NFT artists. The expected attendance will exceed 5000 people, including over 1000 outstanding talents, leaders, investors, developers, and industry experts from top Web3.0 companies globally. Representatives from various international media outlets will also be present, along with over 4000 active users who have a strong interest in Web3.0 and a desire to participate in various Web3 projects.

Day 1 - September 1st:

11:00~20:00 Art Exhibition

13:40~13:55 Lbank RoadShow

14:00~14:15 Mixmarvel RoadShow

14:20~14:35 Coincatch RoadShow

14:40~14:55 Pickdol 101 RoadShow

15:00~15:15 Daren Market RoadShow

15:20~15:35 RWA Creation Ahead

15:40~16:00 Lili Roadshow

16:10~17:10 Introduction of Artists

17:20~18:00 NFT & ART Special Session

Day 2 - September 2nd:

11:00~20:00 Art Exhibition1

13:20~13:35 RoadShow

13:40~13:55 Cowokers RoadShow

14:00~14:15 CeluvPlay RoadShow

14:20~14:35 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

14:40~14:55 Pickdol 101 RoadShow

15:00~15:15 Konnect RoadShow

15:30~15:45 Reapchain RoadShow

15:50~16:05 AhnLab Blockchain Company RoadShow

16:10~16:25 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

17:05~17:20 WEB3.0 Application/ WEB3.0 User Growth Special Session

19:00~22:00 Aterparty & Networking

19:10~19:20 Pickdol 101 Idol Signing

19:30~19:45 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

19:50-20:30 Live Drawing

20:30-21:30 DJ Show

Day 3 - September 3rd:

11:00~20:00 Art Exhibition

13:45~14:00 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

13:40~14:00 Pickdol 101 RoadShow

14:00~18:00 Whaler DAO ZK Knowledge Sharing

WhalerDAO ZKP Public Courses

Topic 1: zkRollup Technical Principle and Exquisite Design

Topic 2: The Road to Construction of zkEVM Infrastructure

Topic 3: ZK Diversified Application Extension and Expansion

Topic 4: zktech connects Web3 and Web2

17:05~17:20 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

19:30~19:45 Pickdol 101 Dance Show

Day 4 - September 4th:

11:00~20:00 Art Exhibition

15:00~16:00 1.CART Road Show

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