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Cover Image for Product Design Leadership Roundtable
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Product Design Leadership Roundtable

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Join our second Product Design Leadership Roundtable to tackle the critical challenges faced by design leaders today. This event is specifically for people managers and those in design leadership roles, focusing on strategic insights and management practices.

Exchange insights on the future of Work in Product Design, including the impact of AI and automation, preparing your team for future technological advancements, and adapting to evolving work environments while embracing new work models.

Discuss how to lead effectively even when facing exhaustion, and explore strategies to support your team through ambitious deadlines and high-pressure situations while preventing burnout.

Additionally, share best practices for building and managing high-performing design teams, recruiting top talent, fostering a collaborative and innovative culture, and retaining your best designers.

Connect with fellow leaders, exchange ideas, and drive positive transformation in your team and projects.

Don't miss out – sign up now and elevate your leadership impact! Renowned leaders Ana Euchermann (softgarden), Esin Isik (Zalando), and Anna Skorobogatova (Zalando) organize this inspiring event.

Zalando BHW
Hedwig-Wachenheim-Straße 7, 10243 Berlin, Germany
60 Going