Cover Image for Mindful Media Club's Inaugural Meeting!
Cover Image for Mindful Media Club's Inaugural Meeting!
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Mindful Media Club's Inaugural Meeting!

Hosted by Francis Irving
Past Event
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Lots of us have been frustrated with social media - for example because a platform we use has changed and is less useful to us, or we’ve gotten addicted to a behaviour which isn’t healthy for us.

This is the inaugural meeting of a club for sharing practical techniques to bend social media to our will - adapt, filter, alter how we use them. Proactively build the communities we want and need.

This evening:

  • Introductory short talk, including tips on YouTube, Twitter, browser plugins (Francis Irving)

  • Breaking into groups to share tips with each other

  • Reporting back and writing those up collectively

The whole thing should take about an hour, meaning you can go for food afterwards at Ration Club, upstairs at Newspeak House, or go home as you like! There will be soft drinks provided.

Join the Discord for Mindful Media Club even if you can’t come to the meeting!

Newspeak House
133 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E2 7DG, UK
8 Going