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Redwood Climate Office Hours

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We are hosting another Redwood Climate Office Hours on Thursday, July 21st at 10:00-11:00 am PDT.

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This event is open for anyone who is interested in climate software startups. If you are a Redwood developer or entrepreneur who's starting a climate company or would like to apply for the Redwood Startup Fund, this event is especially for you.

​This event will be hosted on Zoom Webinar. Once registered, you'll receive a link and a calendar invite with the Zoom details. You'll be able to view live stream, participate by chat, and join the discussion by audio and/or video (audio or video are optional).

About Redwood Climate Office Hours Event

​GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner has announced the Redwood Startup Fund, focused on ideation stage climate startups that use the RedwoodJS app framework as a primary component in their stack. As part of the fund launch, we are hosting a panel-style discussion, hosted by Tom Preston-Werner and David Price. Our panelists are investors and climate startup founders who will be sharing their experience and answer any questions that can help others in their own climate startup journey.

Form Post: Event and Participant Details

For complete event details (including participant information) and discussion, please see the RedwoodJS Forum Announcement Post.