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Product Manager climate action brainstorm

Hosted by Henry Bruce & MCJ Collective
Past Event
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Every product can be a climate product: enabling Product Managers to take climate action where they are

  • Objective: Support PMs in creating climate action through the products they currently manage, from ideation through execution.

  • Context: Building on Drawdown Labs' action guides, that "there is an army of product managers poised to contribute climate-positive software" and the power & value of being an intrapreneur.

  • Audience: hardware/software PMs across industries/categories.

  • Value:

    • Participants: receive ideas for creating climate action through their products and making it happen.

    • Contributors: apply product strategy & development experience in support of climate action; explore climate opportunities in other industries/categories.

  • Structure: 30 mins, modified Lean Coffee format.

    • [OFFLINE & 5 mins] Participant PM/s create a 'topic' sticky noting their name and: company; product/s; any climate action idea (no idea is ok!); if an idea, what stage is it in (design; prototype; build; scale).

    • [5 mins] All contributor & participant PMs vote on 2-3 preferred topics for discussion.

    • [20 mins] Based on audience size, create 1-2 breakouts for upvoted topic/s. Contributor PMs self-select their breakout. In each breakout:

      • [3 mins] Participating PM briefs (verbally) breakout on company, product & climate action idea, if any.

      • [17 mins] Open discussion, max. 1-2 mins per contributor initially.

    • [OFFLINE] 3 question survey for participating & contributing PMs (value; structure; breakout time).