Nick Milo: REDACTED + Close to The Idea Exchange



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What you'll learn in this session:

  • Nick Milo closes The Idea Exchange

​About Nick

​A former college football player, coach, and 3x national champion, Nick worked as a civil engineer, co-founded an international fitness boxing business, produced two indie feature films, and most recently, joined the Editors Guild to work on Breaking Bad the movie and Better Call Saul. At every turn, his digital notes were invaluable to support his efforts.

​Now, Nick is helping to spark a learning revolution by guiding others to "link their thinking", generate value, and rediscover the inherent joy of thinking itself.

About the Linking Your Thinking Conference

The "Linking Your Thinking" Conference is a week of free sessions that explores how ideas work, how ideas grow, and how linking ideas may impact our creativity in practical and powerful ways.

13 live sessions on topics such as creativity, ideation, next-gen thinking tools, the frontiers of extended cognition, the joys and importance of culture, note-making, zettelkasten, crafting time, and much more.

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