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This event is the second in Iterative's Southeast Asia tour, of speaking to founders all over the region. The one before this is Iterative x Bangladeshi Founders. The following event is Iterative x Thai Founders. If you are interested in the other events in this tour as well please follow this link:

We believe that there is the potential for Southeast Asia to become the next Silicon Valley. However the fruition of this future is dependent on aspiring founders today to create it. Aspiring founders need to become current founders who build a network of founders among themselves in each country and the region as a whole.

Therefore we hope that by hosting this series of events we can be the starting point for aspiring founders to become actual founders and enable them to pull the region's potential into reality.

About Our Speakers

The speakers for this event are Josh Supan co-founder of Shipmates and Ariane Lim co-founder of AcadArena. They are both from the Philippines and are more than happy to share their experience and answer question from aspiring founders on how to navigate the startup life, and share pieces of advice on what they've learned along the way.

Josh Supan -Co-Founder of Shipmates

Shipmates is courier platform for e-commerce businesses, they allow booking of shipments through multiple on-demand and standard couriers. Shipmates helps online retailers choose the right courier for them seamlessly on their platform. Before starting Shipmates Josh was a leasing manager at Supermalls. Come to the event to find out when made him take the leap and become a founder.

Ariane Lim -Co-Founder of AcadArena

AcadArena is platform supporting campus gaming communities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and bringing students into web3. Recently AcadArena has raised a total of $3.5M for the seed round. Before co-founding AcadArena, Ariane had extensive experience in esports. Whether it be dealing with operations, marketing or writing about esports Ariane has done it all.

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