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Architectural Workers United: Organizing Unions within Architecture

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A roundtable discussion around first-hand experiences with organizing unions within the architecture realm with architectural workers who have helped to lead several campaigns within the private sector.

Who are we? We are architects, designers, model makers, landscape architects, visualization artists, project managers, planners, and more working on the built environment, from multiple employers in the private sector. We are made up of volunteer architectural workers from multiple organizing committees previously and actively organizing in our respective workplaces. 

AWU is a collaborative campaign. Our goal is to build on the tremendous inherent value our profession offers the industry, a value that is not recognized nor rewarded. We believe we can do this by harnessing the leverage that organizing unions provides workers. We are inspired by and follow in the footsteps of the over six million union members that are professional workers in the United States, such as engineers, lawyers, graphic designers, writers, etc., who have organized before us for higher standards in their professions.

Join us for a roundtable discussion where we outline our experiences leading former and current architectural union campaigns. We will walk through our successes, our hardships, and all things union.