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Coach Talk: Season 1: Euro Series

Feb 10 (Wed), 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM UTC (+4 more)


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Event Information

Breaking down America football in Europe: Live Zoom calls with Coach Drew Lieberman


WEDNESDAYS at 8pm - 9:30/10pm CET 2pm EST- 60 min discussion, 20min Q&A related to the topic, 10min Q&A off topic)

Bi-weekly, Season 1 starting February 10th thru March 31, 2021

Season 1:


Topic 1: Attacking the off-season

→ Everyday Rituals (EDD’s)

→ Strength / Catching Program

→ How to setup an offseason practice plan

→ Film Study & Mental Reps (how to grade yourself/your players)


Topic 2: Building a Plan at the LOS

→ Attack Leverage

→ Release Commandments

→ Coverage Triangle


Topic 3: The importance of physicality at the WR position

→ Hand Combat (at the LOS and downfield)

→ Blocking


Topic 4: The Art of Route Running Part One; featuring speed development

→ Speed Development w/ Coach Kyle Meadows

→ Science + Creativity = Art


Topic 5: The Art of Route Running Part Two

→ Science + Creativity = Art

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