Welcoming & Leadership Workshop Series for Young Friends

Thu, Oct 14, 11:00 PM - Oct 15, 12:30 AM UTC


This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

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Do you remember the first time you walked into a place where you felt truly welcomed? Maybe someone asked you your name, or invited you to play a game with them, or gave you a really big smile and told you they're glad you're here. Welcoming is a kind of leadership that makes the Young Friends community the loving place we know it to be. Practicing the art of welcoming is one important way that Young Friends practice leadership and create the community they want to live in.

In this two-part online workshop series, we'll learn and practice ways of welcoming others that are authentic, that see them for who they are, that speak to our shared spiritual needs, and that help strengthen belonging in our community.

During the first workshop on October 7th, we will reflect as a group on how the community is doing, learning how to listen for its "spiritual condition" and what to do to respond to it. We'll also do some concrete learning and skill-building about how to use our unique gifts to welcome people into a loving community. Then at the second workshop on October 14th, we'll put it all into practice by collaborating on a plan for how we'll welcome Young Friends at the Fall Retreat! You do not have to think of yourself as a leader to come to these workshops, and you may leave feeling more like one. The only thing you need to bring to these workshops is love and care for this community.

These workshops are open to Young Friends—high-school-age youth living in New England who are Quaker or are interested in the Quaker way.

Register by Monday, October 4th. Registered participants will receive a confirmation email and a Zoom link for each workshop. It is ok to participate in just one of the workshops, but we encourage you to come to both of them for the full experience, if you can.

Email Maggie, Teen Ministries Coordinator, with questions, concerns, or feedback at [email protected]


Cora Redmond
Maggie Fiori
Mark Hargy
Sage Paterson
Yume Shapiro