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Civil Power Collective Play

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Class Wargames will be hosting a collective play of the board game Civil Power, with its designer Brian Train.

Civil Power is a tactical study of urban disorder, riots, police raids and other violent urban phenomena. For more information see this interview with Brian in the Player's Aid.

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“Pillage is the natural response to the affluent society: the affluence, however, is by no means natural or human — it is simply abundance of goods. Pilllage, moreover, which instantly destroys commodities as such, discloses the ultima ratio of commodities, namely, the army, the police and the other specialized detachments which have the monopoly of armed force within the State. What is a policeman ? He is the active servant of commodities, the man in complete submission to commodities, whose job is to ensure that a given product of human labour remains a commodity with the magical property of having to be paid for instead of becoming a mere fridge or rifle — a mute, passive insensible thing, itself in submission to the first comer to make use of it.” – Situationist International, Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Society.