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All fire. No burn.

Hosted by James Sommerville & 6 others
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Lance Wyman, Charles Nix, Ben Jones.
And a free NFT. Imagine that!

Meet three of the creative minds behind our recent Helvetica The NFT project, who will each share their incredible and diverse creative journey, career experiences and their own personal Helvetica story.

  1. Lance Wyman - Graphic designer specializing in systems for cities, events, institutions and transit visual languages.

  2. Charles Nix - Designer and typographer. Lead designer for the Helvetica Now Variable font.

  3. Benjamin Jones - Visual artist and graphic designer, who's work is driven through a combination of digital and analogue.

We're here to inspire, motivate, and rejuvenate your day!
We will also share on the call, how to claim a free Helvetica NFT.

Glad you can make it!