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Lunch with Angel Gambino

Hosted by Angel Club & Angel Gambino
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Join this open office half hour session to meet with Angel and other community members and friends.

😇 Virtual Lunch with Angel the Angel Investor 😇

​Investors, founders, and innovators, come to share your wins, gives/asks, and make new connections to help you reach your goals! 🚀

​Join us for our monthly "Lunch with Angel the Angel Investor"

​At "Lunch with Angel," you'll:

​✨ Build relationships with Angel Gambino and other investors, founders, and innovators in the Angel Club network

​✨ Spark meaningful conversations aimed to help you get the support you need in fundraising, growth, and M&A

​✨ Share invaluable insights to help others along their journeys 

​✨ Have a laugh! 

​Secure your spot now! We limit the size of attendees in order to foster more transparent and intimate conversations. See you at "Lunch with Angel." 🚀✨

About Angel Gambino

Angel is a Bay Area-based early stage startup investor, community builder, and technology executive.

​She's a WIRED Top 100 servant leader who has built and led startups and large corporations on four continents. She is committed to driving economic mobility through entrepreneurship and innovation. She's passionate about product lead growth, partnerships, and her hometown of Detroit.

​Angel is a Board Member, advisor, and active angel investor in hundreds of startups and has served as a BRITS and BAFTA-winning senior executive at the BBC and Viacom. She sold her last business to Ford in 2018 and founded Angel Club to support angel investors and angel stage startups.

​Her greatest gift is seeing opportunities where others see problems and curating the right people to build new ventures. Although, her son might say it's her spaghetti that makes her world-class.

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