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ETH Belgrade


TokenBrice (Liquity) - Evolution of the DEXes and their impacts on market structure
Kenny White (Shell Protocol) - Super Dapps are the Future of DeFi

About ETH Belgrade x BlockSplit meetup:

With this meetup, BlockSplit is starting a series of Web3 meetups in Split and ETH Belgrade is launching its guest meetups initiative, 'ETH Belgrade x'.

With these initiatives, we aim to bring value to our Web3 and local communities all year round.

So join us in Split on November 3rd, where ETH Belgrade is bringing two well-known figures from the DeFi space.

About 'ETH Belgrade x'

The concept behind this initiative is to co-host meetups with regional and international organizations to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and foster stronger community bonds.

If you want us to organize a meetup in your city, reach out to us at