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TPG Hacker House @ETHIndia

Hosted by TPG
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About Event

GM folks,

The TPG Hacker House @ETHIndia is a one-of-a-kind initiative by The Phoenix Guild and associated sponsors, to give an opportunity to #buildoooors to #build their hearts out @ETHIndia.
This hacker house is open to both

  1. Builders selected@ETHIndia

  2. and Builders who would like to hack but did not get selected at ETHIndia.

The Phoenix Guild is a community to foster more female and non-binary participation in the web3 ecosystem. Having said that, this hacker house will be open to everyone and we will ensure to maximise female and non-binary participation.

What is included in the hacker house?
- Learning: We have some really cool sessions and workshops setup for you.
- Building: Whether you are a developer or a non-developer, we will give you the opportunity to build something over this weekend.
- Accommodation: Dec 2 - Dec 4 accommodation is covered
- Food: All meals will be covered at the Hacker House or partner events

P.S: The overnight accommodations for men and women will be different, so if you are female looking to travel and join us, rest assured that it's a safe space for you.

We are also trying to arrange for travel scholarships and stipends.

If you are not hacking at ETHIndia and if you get accepted, you are still required to build something at the hacker house. We will have tons of brainstorming, yummy food, mentorship from top notch mentors, talking about the future of web3 and of course, lots of cool SHWAAAGS! :)

Excited to meet everyone! <3

P.S: REGISTRATION DOES NOT MEAN CONFIRMATION. If you are invited, you will be getting a confirmation.